Eleftheria wins big at the World Cheese Awards 2023!

Brunost Cheese by Eleftheria

When you think of "cheese-making," picturesque European hamlets with dedicated cheesemakers likely come to mind. However, Eleftheria defied expectations, stunning even the most experienced cheese experts at the prestigious World Cheese Awards held in Norway in 2023.

We are delighted to announce that our Brunost cheese secured a 'SUPERGOLD' at the World Cheese Awards, placing it among the world's top five cheeses. But that's not all; this year, we also received two more awards – a Super Gold for our Medallion - Goat Milk Fetta cheese and a Gold for the newcomer, Konark - French Tomme-Style Cheese. This marks Brunost's third consecutive honour, with Silver awards in 2021 and 2022, and now a Super Gold in 2023. In 2022, we also left our mark in the aged cheese segment by winning a Gold for our Moony: Clothbound cheddar.

The World Cheese Awards, organised by the UK-based Guild of Fine Food, aim to celebrate the craft of cheese-making and honour the rich heritage and traditions of this process. In 2023, the WCA witnessed a record-breaking 4,502 entries from 43 nations, making it one of the largest events of its kind. The panel of 264 international judges, including cheese makers, cheese affineurs, and food writers with extensive expertise, conducted a thorough evaluation of the cheeses, considering appearance, aroma, texture, and, most importantly, taste. They also took into account the distances these cheeses had travelled. 

The judging process at the World Cheese Awards:

During this one-day event, teams of 2-3 judges assessed 45 different types of cheese per table. They evaluated the rind, body, colour, texture, consistency, and, above all, taste. Each cheese was uniquely identified with a barcode, and judges gave their scores using their iPads, ensuring accuracy and fairness in evaluation while awarding bronze, silver, gold, or no award for each cheese. 

Interestingly, these awards are given based on the cheese’s individual merits instead of a category-based best-in-class winner, highlighting individuality at its best!

Each team then selected one exceptional cheese as the Super Gold from their table. These 16 cheeses were considered the best in the world and were evaluated once more by a Super Jury of internationally-recognized experts. Each Super Jury member chose a cheese to champion in the final round of judging, where the World Champion Cheese was chosen live on WCA TV, with cheese lovers worldwide tuning in for the excitement. It's an elegant and thrilling process that culminates in celebrating exceptional artisanal cheese!

Eleftheria Making its Mark at the WCA, 2023!

According to the judges, "For a country without a cheese-making tradition like the European nations, Eleftheria's journey in cheese-making is absolutely incredible." Another judge noted, "The taste of (Brunost) cheese is very complex, with layers of flavour gracing our palates."

The Top 5 Cheeses (In order of score):

Nidelven Blå | Gangstad Gårdsysteri | Norway

Baliehof Houtlandse Asche kaas | Baliehof Kaas en Zuivelboerderij Jabbeke | Belgium

Eberle würzig seit 5 Generationen | Dorfkäserei Muolen | Switzerland

Eleftheria Brunost | Vivanda Gourmet | India

Müller-Thurgau Rezent | Käserei Müller-Thurgau | Switzerland

Our ELEF Brunost is a humble brown cheese that made history by becoming the first Indian cheese to receive such a prestigious honour at the World Cheese Awards. 

Originating in Norway, this cheese is created by heating leftover cheese whey until the milk sugars caramelise, resulting in a fudge-like consistency. You can liken it to the process of making the beloved Indian sweet, peda. The caramelization process gives Brunost its quintessential flavour, similar to salted caramel milk fudge, making it an ideal companion for waffles, pancakes, or toast, served with berry jam or fresh berries. Its unique feature includes the initials of the company name embossed in Indian Devanagari script – ‘एल एफ,' adding a distinctive touch

Whether you're a connoisseur of cheese or simply appreciate the finer things in life, we invite you to explore our cheeses, to not only savour exceptional flavours but also champion a unique Indian brand that represents the best in the world of cheese.

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