Espresso Greek Yogurt

This Greek style Yogurt is blended with the finest quality Espresso Coffee & a dash of wildflower honey. It is perfect for your breakfast table & as a post workout snack.

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Key Facts
Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Starter Culture, Espresso Coffee, Wild Flower Honey, Dark Cacao Powder

Know More

Unlike most commercial store-bought yogurts, our Greek yogurt is free from any artificial preservatives, skimmed milk powder & stabilisers.

How is Greek Yogurt different from regular Yogurt? We use traditional Yogurt making techniques & heritage Greek starter cultures to make our Greek Yogurt. Once the cultured milk is set into a jelly-like coagulum, we strain it in muslin cloths until the yogurt reaches a dense & creamy consistency, that we all love.

Our Greek Yogurt has a lemony, lactic tang & a fantastic silken mouthfeel. Perfect for making dips or eating as is as a healthy snack.