Stringy, lush & oozy Stracciatella is the filling of the Burrata cheese. We mix hand-stretched ribbons of Mozzarella with farm fresh cream to make this decadent cheese.

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Key Facts

Key Facts

Weight 150 g
Milk Type
Texture , ,
Type of Cheese
Shelf Life
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Pairing Suggestions

It tastes amazing on a crusty bread with a drizzle of EVOO & crack pepper. Take your pizzas and pastas up a notch by adding a dollop of this creamy Stracciatella.


Nutritional Info (per 100g): Energy - 257.44 | Fat - 24.04 | Carbohydrate - 1.05 | Protein - 9.22

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Vegetarian Coagulant, Starter Culture, Fresh Cream, Salt

Know More

The word Stracciatella means “rags” in Italian and comes from the verb strattore (“to stretch”), which in this case means stretched rags/ ribbons of Mozzarella. These hand-stretched & skillfully made ribbons of Mozzarella are then mixed with farm fresh cream to make the most luscious & oozy Stracciatella.

This fresh & versatile Italian Cheese is the filling of our Burrata & pairs well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Stracciatella needs to be consumed as fresh as possible, preferrably on the same day or within the next few days after it’s made.

Serve it with a fruity, lemony Pinot Grigio or a Prosecco.