Belper Knolle

Belper Knolle is an aged cheese ball infused with crushed garlic, Himalayan pink salt and is enrobed in freshly ground, aromatic kerala black pepper.

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Key Facts

Key Facts

Weight 100 g
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Type of Cheese

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Pairing Suggestions

This cheese is fantastic shaved or grated over pastas, casseroles, eggs, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables.


Nutritional Info (per 100g): Energy - 238.62 | Fat - 18.74 | Carbohydrate - 4.44 | Protein - 13.05

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Vegetarian Coagulant, Starter Culture, Salt, Garlic, Kerala Black Pepper

Know More

Belper Knolle Cheese originated in a small town called Belp in Switzerland. The word ‘Knolle’ translates to tuber, referring to its small, round, truffle like shape. This tiny cheese ball (weighing 100-200g) is aged for a couple of months until it becomes like a tiny grateable rock. Because of it’s appearance, this cheese is often referred to as the Truffle of the cheese world.

ELEF Belper Knolle is aged for 1-2 months, giving the cheese a crumbly & grateable texture. Our version of the Belper Knolle has a creamier mouthfeel and more pungent flavour than it’s western counterpart. This cheese is coated in fragrant Kerala black pepper & is infused with indigenous garlic & Himalayan pink salt. A little bit goes a long way, as this garlicky, peppery cheese definitely packs a punch. This is a perfect finishing cheese for your pasta, risotto, eggs, salad & a must-have in your pantry.

Serve with a full-bodied white wine like Chardonnay or white Burgundy.