Cultured Butter – Miso Black Garlic

Our flavour packed cultured butter is made with full fat farm fresh cream. It is mixed with locally sourced delicious Miso paste & black garlic to make the most unique Miso black garlic butter.

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Pairing Suggestions

Our umami packed butter is a fantastic addition to your noodles, sandwiches & soups.


Nutritional Info (per 100g): Energy - 746.79 | Fat - 82.23 | Carbohydrate - 0.66 | Protein - 1.02 | Salt

Ingredients: Full Fat Cream, Lactic Cultures, Himalayan Pink Salt, Miso, Black Garlic

Know More

Full fat, farm fresh cream is pasteurized, cultured and then churned to make our luscious Cultured Butter which has a distinct lactic tang & a complex flavour profile. Butter made from uncultured cream is referred to as sweet-cream butter.

Miso is a creamy fermented paste made from soybeans, rice, vinegar and kōji. Black Garlic is aged by heating up garlic bulbs in stable heat conditions for at least 3 months, until they become dark brown or blackish in colour & develop a caramel, almost toffee like flavour.

We mix the Miso paste with fragrant, sweet black garlic & then blend it with our Cultured Butter to make the most umami packed Butter.