Cultured Butter – Chimichurri

Our flavour packed cultured butter is made with full fat farm fresh cream. Inspired by the aromatic Argentinian sauce, our chimichurri butter is mixed with parsley, lemon zest, red chillies, garlic and Himalayan pink salt.

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Key Facts

Key Facts

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Our chimichurri butter is fantastic for smearing on grilled veggies & meat dishes, baked potatoes, sandwiches or a good old fashioned toast.
Nutritional Info (per 100g): Energy - 746.79 | Fat - 82.23 | Carbohydrate - 0.66 | Protein - 1.02 | SaltIngredients: Full Fat Cream, Lactic Cultures, Parsley, Garlic, Red Jalapeno, Lemon, Himalayan Pink Salt, Chilli Flakes

Know More

Full fat, farm fresh cream is pasteurized, cultured and then churned to make our luscious Cultured Butter which has a distinct lactic tang & a complex flavour profile. Butter made from uncultured cream is referred to as sweet-cream butter.

Originating in Argentina, Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce made with fresh herbs, spices, lots of lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil. It is used as a marinade for grilling meat & vegetables.

We mix our Cultured Butter with freshly made vibrant Chimichurri sauce to give you the most colourful, tangy, spicy & delicious Chimichurri Butter.