Cultured Butter – Italian Truffles

Our flavour packed cultured butter is made with full fat farm fresh cream. It is mixed with Italian truffle Pâté to make the most decadent & flavour packed Truffle Butter.

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Key Facts

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Full fat, farm fresh cream is pasteurized, cultured and then churned to make our luscious Cultured Butter which has a distinct lactic tang & a complex flavour profile. Butter made from uncultured cream is referred to as sweet-cream butter.

Truffles are a sack of edible fungi, like mushrooms. Unlike mushrooms, truffles are subterranean – they grow underground. These truffles are beloved for an intense, heady flavor and aroma that they have, which can transform a dish into something sublime. An elusive delicacy, truffles are served freshly shaved, grated or as an infused oil or pâté .

Our Cultured Butter, mixed with Italian Black Truffle Pâté is a great addition to your pasta dishes & tastes amazing when smeared on a crusty sourdough bread.