Cultured Butter – Italian Truffles

Our flavour packed cultured butter is made with full fat farm fresh cream. It is mixed with Italian truffle Pâté to make the most decadent & flavour packed Truffle Butter.

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Key Facts

Key Facts

Weight 100 g
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Pairing Suggestions
This lush Truffle Butter would be a great addition to your pasta dishes & grilled cheese sandwiches.
Nutritional Info (per 100g): Energy - 746.79 | Fat - 82.23 | Carbohydrate - 0.66 | Protein - 1.02 | SaltIngredients: Full Fat Cream, Lactic Cultures, Himalayan Pink Salt, Italian Black Truffles

Know More

Full fat, farm fresh cream is pasteurized, cultured and then churned to make our luscious Cultured Butter which has a distinct lactic tang & a complex flavour profile. Butter made from uncultured cream is referred to as sweet-cream butter.

Truffles are a sack of edible fungi, like mushrooms. Unlike mushrooms, truffles are subterranean – they grow underground. These truffles are beloved for an intense, heady flavor and aroma that they have, which can transform a dish into something sublime. An elusive delicacy, truffles are served freshly shaved, grated or as an infused oil or pâté .

Our Cultured Butter, mixed with Italian Black Truffle Pâté is a great addition to your pasta dishes & tastes amazing when smeared on a crusty sourdough bread.