Cultured Butter – Parmesan Pepper Butter

Our flavour packed cultured butter is made with full fat farm fresh cream & mixed with the finest quality Parmesan Cheese & freshly ground Kerala black pepper.

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Key Facts

Key Facts

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Pairing Suggestions

It's perfect for your Cacio e Pepe pasta, other pasta dishes, sourdough toasts, burgers & grilled vegetables.


Nutritional Info (per 100g): Energy - 746.79 | Fat - 82.23 | Carbohydrate - 0.66 | Protein - 1.02 | Salt

Ingredients: Parmesan, Kerala Black Pepper, Full Fat Cream, Lactic Cultures, Himalayan Pink Salt

Know More

Full fat, farm fresh cream is pasteurized, cultured and then churned to make our luscious Cultured Butter which has a distinct lactic tang & a complex flavour profile. Butter made from uncultured cream is referred to as sweet-cream butter.

The inspiration for this butter comes from the classic Roman pasta dish of spaghetti with Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper – Cacio e Pepe. ‘Cacio’ means cheese & ‘Pepe’ means pepper in Italian.

Our Parmsan Pepper Butter or Cacio e Pepe Butter is sublime for pasta dishes or smeared on your favourite toast.